Saplings and Seedlings go to Banham Zoo (25 images)

An amazing final school trip together in the EYFS for 2017!

Kennett Meets Mary Poppins at the Newmarket Carnival 2017 (44 images)

A big thank you to the PTA and all the children who took part!

Father Christmas visited the children (17 images)

Birch Class Volcanoes (2 images)

EYFS went to Burwell House! (52 images)

Willow Class Activity Week (42 images)

We had a great time on our trip to Denny Abbey! On day 3 of activity week we held a 'Great Willow Bake Off' - here are the winning entries of the challenge to present a plate of 4 shortbread biscuits.

World Book Day 2016 (19 images)

We paraded around the playground to admire all our fantastic costumes of our favourite characters. This was a fun day and we got to meet a real author, Billy Bob Buttons!

We have great fun in our PE lessons! (32 images)

There was an elf on the shelf in Saplings! (5 images)

It was very exciting to see what our elf had got up to during the night! The children named him Chippie from the movie.

Science Week (2 images)

We had a great Science Week! These are our science winners of 2015! Well done to everyone who did a fantastic job and a special thank you to Mrs Deal for getting us all so engaged! Well done to the School Council who did a cracking job in selling science toys on our 'science rocks' stall too! Congratulations to Elliott Carson in Saplings class who was the winner of the Science raffle.

Making a mini-beast hotel (15 images)

Discovery Time in Saplings is very important work!

Saplings (42 images)

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Birch (3 images)

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Aspen (7 images)

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Kennett Clean-Up (8 images)

Our community helped to clean-up our playground.

Kennett School Choir (3 images)

Singing at the West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge.

Science Open Afternoon in Birch (16 images)

Parents and children learning together.