The Weatheralls Primary School

Success on Stage with our production of Fee Fi Fo Fum!

Willow class and some children from Birch class joined in with our Summer Leavers production of Fee Fi Fo Fum.  The comedy was hilarious and we are all so proud of our children who clearly have lots of stage talent! A big well done to all who took part and a big thank you to our supportive parents and carers for being a wonderful audience!

James who played the giant said "the scenery was great fun to make and looked brilliant"

Toby who played Jack said with a giggle "It felt good to knock the giant off his beanstalk" 

Bethan who played the singing harp said "The song was beautiful and fun to sing.  It was harder than it looked to pretend to play the harp and sing at the same time!"

Maria who played the mother said "The first night had a few technical hitches but was the funniest and best night ever!"

Annelise who played Daisy the cow said "Moo"

Mrs Taylor the director said "The children were amazing!"