The Weatheralls Primary School

Building Learning Power

 Building Learning Power (BLP) is an approach originated by Professor Guy Claxton.  It is about helping young people become better learners.   

We call it 'Learning How To Learn'!

At Kennett Primary School, we believe that our children should have the opportunity to build their learning powers – so that they can become learning superheroes.  To reignite the passion for BLP at Kennett, we invited children from the Early Years – right through to Year 6 - to reimagine our BLP avatars. This helped to ensure that the whole community bought into this ethos.

The core purpose of our educational offering is to ensure that Kennett children are well prepared for the next stage in their learning journeys; this ensures that they are able to reach their full potential.  We recognise the importance of developing the mental, emotional and social aspects of every child, so that they may enjoy challenge, cope well with uncertainty and complexity – giving them the tools they need to experience success in every lesson.  We believe that using the language associated with building learning powers ensures that our children feel confident, taking risks in a supportive learning environment. 

Building Learning Power is based around four key learning dispositions:

Resilience - Resourcefulness - Reflectiveness – Reciprocity

These dispositions are crucial for all! 


This is an incredibly empowering message and we hope to share this growth mindset with our community!

I’m pleased to introduce the avatars that will represent the BLP dispositions at Kennett.  The children and the staff team thought carefully while developing each character and had a whale of a time creating them.  Without realising it, we chose animals that walk on land, swim in the sea, fly in the air and burrow underground – diversity at its core!  Kennett children certainly CAN! We hope you like our creations and look forward to reading your comments!

You can find more detailed information on Guy Claxton's website:

 Our Building Learning Power Avatars:


The language of Building Learning Power is positive and uplifting and can be used in and out of school.  It would be great if you could use this ‘child friendly’ language at home too.  We want the children to learn with enthusiasm and courage.  

Mistakes are great, this just means we are learning!

If I try, try, try … then I can, can, can!