The Weatheralls Primary School

Olympic Athlete Visit

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed their visit from Olympic athlete Montell Douglas this week.  Montell spent the afternoon in school putting the children through their paces.

While at Kennett Primary School Montell led an assembly focusing upon her career and the challenges that she faced. She then completed sponsored fitness circuits with each class separately. In total, our families raised £835.20 for the school

During her visit Montell was presented with three KennettCAN! Certificates for Commitment: for working hard to overcome an injury, Aspiration: for her determination to attend the Olympic games and Nurture for inspiring the next generation of athletes through her school visits.    

Mr Horsley, headteacher at Kennett Primary School commented “Montell embodies the values that we hold dear at Kennett: she possesses a real KennettCAN! attitude”