The Weatheralls Primary School

World Book Day 2024

World Book Day at Kennett Primary School was a fantastic day filled with creativity, imagination and a love for reading!

All our pupils participated in a World Book Day parade, displaying their fantastic costumes for everyone to admire. It was heartwarming to see the effort put in by both the children and their families in bringing their favourite book characters to life.

After the parade, the children engaged in a variety of activities inspired by the renowned illustrator Quentin Blake. They unleashed their artistic talents by sketching and using watercolours, experimenting with techniques similar to those used by Quentin Blake himself. The results were truly amazing!

Our pupils had the opportunity to watch a BBC Teach author lesson, where they were encouraged to think of their own book ideas, based on their personal interests. We were delighted to witness their enthusiasm and creativity blooming as they brainstormed and shared their unique storylines.

The Early Years children also designed and laminated bookmarks to make their reading adventures even more enjoyable. After reading the classic fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, the children went on to make playdough sweets, bringing the story to life through hands-on exploration. Outside, they created a nature story picture using sticks to build a castle fit for a princess and used welly boots to imagine giant footprints. It was an immersive experience for them, enhancing their understanding of the story and fostering their outdoor learning.

World Book Day 2024