The Weatheralls Primary School


At Kennett Primary School we strive to ensure that every child is able to experience success in every lessons.  We are uncompromising in our ambition for every child to reach their full potential - socially, emotionally and academically.  With cohorts of 15, we are able to focus on each individual pupil; this means that all children are well-placed to flourish as they progress along their personal learning journeys.

The DFE performance tables provide an official view of our pupils achievements and can be found via the: DFE School Comparison Website.

Small School Data

There are many reasons why a child may not achieve Age Related Expectations in the SATs. Schools with smaller cohorts - such as Kennett - can have an inconsistent data profile.  This means that in some years attainment will be high and in some years attainment may be lower.  At Kennett, we are committed to ensuring that all children make strong progress. We acknowledge that end of Key Stage attainment can be variable; each child represents seven percent of our overall outcomes.


Throughout the previous two years, there has been significant disruption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Kennett, we have robust plans in place to ensure that our children make accelerated progress and  gaps in learning are addressed.  Our principle aim is for all children to be well-placed to access and enjoy their learning as they progress into the next year group.

Of course, the best way to see what we are able to offer is to visit our school. Please contact us - via the team in our office - if you wish to arrange a visit or have any further questions. 

Standards and Testing Agency

The website for the Executive Agency of the Department for Education - that set the tests to assess children in education from early years to the end of Key Stage 2 - may be accessed via the following link: DFE - Standards and Testing Agency