The Weatheralls Primary School

The School Day


8.45 am School days starts and registration for EYFS and KS1
8.55 am School day starts and registration for KS2
12.15pm to 1.15 pm Lunchtime
1.15 pm Afternoon registration
3 pm School day closes for EYFS and KS1
3.15 pm School Day closes for KS2

Total number of hours per week for EYFS and KS1: 31 hours 15 minutes

Total number of hours per week for KS2: 31 hours 40 minutes

Term Dates


Autumn Term

Training Day                                                           Friday 1 and Monday 4 September 2023

Term Starts                                                          Tuesday 5 September 2023

Half Term                                                             Monday 23 - Friday 27 October 2023

Term Closes                                                        Tuesday 19 December 2023

Spring Term

Term Starts                                                          Wednesday 3 January 2024

Half Term                                                             Monday 19 - Friday 23 February 2024

Term Closes                                                        Thursday 28 March 2024

Summer Term

Training Dates                                                     Friday 24 May 2024, Friday 19 July and Monday 22 July 2024

Term starts                                                         Monday 15 April 2024

May Day                                                             Monday 6 May 2024

Half Term                                                           Monday 27 - Friday 31 May 2024

End of Term                                                       Thursday 18 July 2024



Autumn Term

Training Dates Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 September 2024
Term Starts Wednesday 4 September 2024
Half Term Monday 28 October to Friday 1 November 2024
Term Closes Friday 20 December 2024

Spring Term

Training Date Monday 6 January 2025
Term Starts Tuesday 7 January 2025
Half Term Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February 2025
Term Closes Friday 4 April 2025

Summer Term

Training Dates Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 July 2025
Term Starts Tuesday 22 April 2025
May Bank Holiday Monday 5 May 2025
Half Term Monday 26 May to Friday 30 May 2025
End of Term  Friday 18 July 2025


Kennett follow Cambridgeshire County Council's set term dates, where possible.  We have adopted this approach to support families with siblings that attend different schools.

We have five training days each year; these are an important part of our staff professional development programme. We are committed to strengthening standards of education and strive to support staff so that their knowledge and skills remain current and up-to-date. In this way, the Kennett team are able to deliver lessons of the highest possible standard.

Training days are typically added to the beginning - or the end - of school holiday periods; this often causes less disruption for families. We aim to publish term dates and training days well in advance, so that parents and carers are able to organise childcare arrangements.